Crystal-Clear Healing Of The Soul

crystal healing pendants

Many readers here, particularly the ladies, have one nice thing in common. It is always quite gratifying to be wearing a piece of jewelry at any one time of their productive day and during those rare evenings when they go out and about for a change. Actually, when you think about it, readers have so many things in common with each other. One of the biggest concerns is over health. And who isn’t concerned about their safety? And not everyone is crazy about wearing jewelry. That is quite alright.

It is, however, hoped that they like to see their homes or offices decorated accordingly. Accordingly, as in their personal taste preferences. It is the same with jewelry. But do note that the wearing of precious stones is not a matter of vanity and puffing out the chest like a proud peacock. The wearing or keeping of ornamental artifacts can have sentimental value. It does not need to arise out of having received chains or necklaces as gifts from someone special. It could mean something to the wearer or the keeper on the deeply personal, and even spiritual level.

Many people who have fallen in love with crystals have those feelings. They may not necessarily wear them, but the keeping of crystal healing pendants does add value to their lives. What makes this value possible is also the belief system. Because when you wear a precious stone pendant or keep such stones on your mantelpiece or on your nightstand, you really have to believe that these precious stones will bring you healing and protection. You have got to believe that. This is quite important.

Those stones may well have mysterious healing properties but its effect could dim if the keeper does not believe.