Stylish Rugs for Modern Interior Design

When it comes to interior home and office décor, many people immediately think of placing paintings or framed photography to fill up empty wall space and give their rooms some added depth of personality. Now, if you look down at your feet, you may find yourself thinking that the floor beneath you is just as blank of a canvas as your walls once were. While it’s not conventional nor practical to place paintings or photos onto your floor for added pizazz, you still have the option of placing unique and contemporary rugs on your floor. If you’re looking for handcrafted area rugs to give your floors some extra life, modern abstract area rugs may be a great place to start.

Why Should I get an Area Rug?

Area rugs have many practical benefits aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons. They are very portable, which makes placing and relocating area rugs a breeze. You may have your area rug with a modern, abstract design as the centerpiece of your entryway one day, and later relocate it to the dining room the next day. You can freely place down the rug and rotate it as needed, in case you move surrounding furniture. This is not so easily done with wall fixtures and décor, and installing the hooks and screws to attach them to your walls can cause permanent damage. In fact, area rugs can actually help to prevent damage to your flooring by acting as a barrier between contact points of furniture as well as to prevent wear and tear in high-traffic areas of your home or office.

modern abstract area rugs

When your rugs become scuffed and dirty, they can be spot cleaned, dry cleaned, or even steam vacuumed, depending on the material and manufacturer’s instructions. With all these benefits, you have nothing to lose if you purchase a new area rug!