Very Cool Whiteboards

These aren’t the whiteboards that your grade school teacher used, but instead, are the boards that make everyone excited about whiteboards! For people who not only like to take notes but also do it in style, these boards are the best.

First, there’s the concept of a whiteboard wall, where entire walls are covered in whiteboard material and are able to be drawn on. Think about that for a moment, four walls, all whiteboard. That’s the dream for some people right there, and for those who need a lot of space, it’s an incredible gift. It does require that four walls get covered up and essentially replaced, but whoever runs out of uses for whiteboards?

Second, there are whiteboards that double as frosted glass panes. Everyone loves the cool and frozen look of frosted glass and making it into a work of art is a great way to add some texture to a room. However, making the cool looking item functional is another thing entirely. There are whiteboards that look like frozen glass panes and yet still have the smooth texture that allows you to write on them! Now that’s some cool unique dry erase boards!

Finally, some people have whiteboards on their fridge to remind them of little things, but what if you could combine the magnetic space of a fridge, with the writing power of a whiteboard? Well, there are boards out there that do just that – whiteboards that are also magnetic, allowing you to write whatever you want, while also using magnets to stick up pictures or to do lists. It’s the best of both worlds, and it is done well.

unique dry erase boards

So no matter how you like your whiteboards, if you are bored of the simple wall mounted ones, then see if you can take these out for a spin!